Nokia Store To Compete Against Android Play Store

Nokia Store To Compete Against Android Play Store

Nokia’s new Android app store is likely to take on the Google’s Play Store.

The Finnish handset maker, Nokia officially launched a series of new Android smartphones, the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. While, what remains to be seen is how the X-series’ phones will perform, as many speculations suggest that the Nokia app store is way ahead of the Google Play Store.

Google Play v/s Nokia Store

The new Nokia devices will be powered by the Android Open Source Project. The Nokia’s app store may soon be available for any device running on Android, given the fact that the developers at the XDA-Developers are working to make that a possibility.

Nokia said, “Some Nokia applications are highly anticipated, with Nokia Maps being right at the very top of the list. While Here Maps hasn’t yet been ported to other devices, one Nokia X app has made its way to other devices,” in its official report.

The first application, which was ported from the Nokia X, was the Nokia Store. It is reportedly a replacement of Google Play Store. “Some applications still can’t be installed due to some permissions and API problems, but this is to be expected because of Nokia’s framework and API changes on the X family,” the report added.

So far, the project is much in progress, however, guessing from the recent indications it is likely that the new porting-project may have popularity in the long run, if completed successfully.

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